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The Curtiss Jenny spans 60” Top 46.6 bottom  with a Flying weight; 22.6 oz.
Power; Tower Pro 1000KV Outrunner Outrunner w/ Tower Pro 18 ESC w/ BEC,
GWS 10-4.7 prop, and Thunderpower 2100 mah 2 cell Lipoly battery.
Guidance is 4 ch. R/C with 4 Sub-Micro Servos using the Spektrum DX-6 radio.

Price: $129.95     3" Wheel Kits are available for $12.95 on
this Page
The Pitts Model 14 spans 30” Top 28.6 Bot.  Wing Area; 322 sq. in.  Length;
28.6”  Flying weight; 16 oz. Power; Castle Creations MC-20, 4200 kv In-runner
w/ MPI 6.6:1 Gear Drive, Castle Creations 25A ESC w/ BEC, APC 10-4.7 SF
Prop and a Thunderpower 1320 mah 3 cell Lipoly Battery. Guidance is 3 ch.
R/C using 2, Sub-Micro Servos and the Spektrum DX-6 radio. Ailerons can be
easily modified by the builder for 4 ch. operation.

Price: $64.95
The G-164 Ag Cat Spans 42.3" with a Flying Weight of 21 oz. Power is from
the E-Flite Park 400 Outrunner with a 10-6 Prop and a 2100 mah 2S Li-Poly
Battery. Guidance is 4 ch. R/C using 4, Sub-Micro-Servos. The Short Kit
includes Full Size Plans, Laser Cut Shaped Parts and the Vac-Formed 9
Cylinder Dummy Radial Engine Kit.

Price: $96.95
Pioneer Aviation
The Bristol Boxkite (Farman Standard Biplane spans 36" with a Flying
Weight of 7.9 oz. Power: 4:1 IPS drive on a 2S, 700 Lipoly battery.
Guidance is 4 ch. R/C, featuring coupled elevator and canard, ailerons, and
coupled twin rudders so that the system can operate efficiently using only 3

Price: $56.95
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