Builders Corner
This page is dedicated to the modelers out there who are building my designs.
After all, without you, my business would not be the success that all of you have
made it over the course of the last 19 years, and for that reason I would like to
offer a heartfelt Thank You to each and every one of you. This page should have
gone up years ago, but in the spirit of it all, I'll just say, "better late then never". So
from here forward, this is your place to show us your stuff.
Here's how it works; Send me a couple of pictures, either Static, or In-Flight of
your models build from my Kits, Plans, or Short Kits you've built and we'll share
your work here with other like minded modelers. I've seen some really beautifully
built models, and it's high time that credit is given where credit is due......
To become a part of all this, drop a line a couple of photos of your models to   
Charles Webb's Dumas Tiger Moth
Wayne Greffon's Inspirer
Doug Glowiki's Dare B-17
Doug Glowiki's Tiger Moth
Doug Glowiki's Dumas YMF-5
Doug Glowiki's Super Cub
Bill Hill's Stinson Voyager
Glen Carter's Dumas L-19 & YMF-5
Mark Erikson's Super Cub
Mark Erikson's Tiger Moth
Eric Boehm's Dumas L-19
Eric Boehm's J-3 Cub
Eric Boehm's Dumas YMF-5
Trey Wood's Piper Pacer
Gerry Markgraff built the BeeBee-D. SBD, Brown B-2, Tiger Moth, Curtiss Jenny and Pitts
Model 14 from PCM Short Kits
Gerry Also built the Waso ARE, YMF-5, and Aeronca C-3 from Dumas Kits. The
Eastbourne Monoplane was built from the old Hobbly Lobby Kit
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