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Building Tips and Techniques for Short Kit and Scratch Builders


    I receive a lot of mail asking about modeling techniques in regards to building from Plans, Kits, and Short Kits. The purpose for this page will be to add "How-To's" as they come up to aid less experienced modelers in doing what us Old Timers in the business look upon as just simple every day modeling tasks.

    The format will be a simple photo / caption arrangement so that you'll be able to see the assembly sequences as they happen. The format will be on-going with additions being made as situations arise. So, stay tuned so's not to miss the latest additions, and by all means, if there's something you would like to see, drop a line at and let me know what you're having a problem with and we'll do our best to detail it for you.

    To get the whole story on each of the techniques we'll be covering here, click the link for all the details.........

1-    Making Bowed Outlines;

2-    Painting Litefilm;  

3-    Painting Scale Propellers; 

4-    Cowl Alignment and Mounting -- the easy way;  

5-    Assembling Vac-Formed Wheel Pants; 

6-    Cabane Struts - Bending and Soldering

7-    An explanation of Common Shop Tools 

8-    Covering Models with Lightweight Film

9-    Making a Windshield Pattern

10-  Making a Wire Landing Gear

11- Fiberglassing Mahogany Boat Hulls

12Making Tail Fairing Blocks

13- Making Scarf Joints

14- Picking a Power System

15- Making Paper Fairings

16- Hidden Wheel Retainers

17- Building the Cowl for the L-4, J-Kota Biplane, & Flybaby Biplane

18- How Do You Build Light? -- A Guide to Building Light Weight Models

19- The Basics of Stick Framing a Fuselage